Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's Saturday, I will report what happened on Fri 1/15.

We were on the phone/email and Facebook all day. I contacted Congressman Roy Blunt's office and I thought she said there was nothing they could do since we were already in contact with Senator Kit Bond's office, but I was mistaken. She (Sue Ellen) called later in the day to report that they were working together to "get around the red tape". They had sent all of our information to the Consulate and to their congressional liason in D.C. Liz from Senator Bond's office called later to report that she was talking with someone (a real person) from the State Dept., but also told us that we need to wait. My Mom has also been doing the same thing we have, only with her government officials in Iowa. She's written letter after letter, made phone calls and I think she's at where we're at. Wait to hear from the State Dept.....

The State Dept. works during the day and has their meetings at night about what to do and what to do with these children. Sen. Bond's office said we may get a phone call Sat. morning about what was determined/talked about at the meeting last night. Even though it's a 3-day weekend for most gov't offices, the State Dept. is working around the clock and Sue Ellen (Congr. Blunt's ofc) and Liz (Sen. Bond's ofc) will have their cell phones on in case they hear from the State Dept. and will contact us immediately.

Facebook has been a God-send. It is has allowed all of us adoptive families stay in contact. I have gotten to know the other families that are adopting from the village where Charlene is before this, so it's been great to stay in contact with each other and keep each other posted on whatever we find out.

I called Charlene's orphanage Fri. afternoon and talked to a really nice man. He and a friend flew down on a private plane. He told me of all of the repairs he has been able to do. He said batteries were thrown about in the earthquake, so he got them back to working again, so they have some power. They were able to have a good meal Thu. evening and share with others outside the Village. That's the thing about Barbara, she will ALWAYS share with others in need, even if SHE's in need. The babies are still staying/sleeping outside because they continue to have tremors which make it terribly unsafe to be in the concrete buildings that now have cracks and are unstable. I was so thankful that he was there repairing what he could! He didn't have any info. on the babies, as he's not concentrating on them. He said they plan to fly out Sat. morning to take 2 or 3 kids to FL for medical treatment.

Nathan talked to Barbara last night and she gave us a supply list a little different from the list Lori gave me the other day, so that is helpful. She really didn't say anything new, all kids seem to still be okay, but they have to get them out. We (all adoptive families) have to be diligent in getting our government to issue these visas to these kids that have already been adopted in Haiti. I have (adoptive) friends who have done interviews with their TV stations, NPR, newspapers to get the word out, hopefully all of this media attention about these children will help the gov't find a way to bring our babies home.

Saying that...Charlene is legally our daughter. Haiti approved/finalized the adoption by the time we visited Charlene last Oct. It was just a matter of 'legalizing' the documents, then getting her a passport and visa, so THANK GOD she was that far along in the process!!!

Nathan and my Dad have plane tickets for the first flight to Haiti on the 21st. I am to contact American Airlines each day to make sure they haven't cancelled the 21st flight. I am absolutely terrified of Dad and Nate going down, but I also will feel better with them there with Charlene. They will be able to help at the Village for a few days before returning home hopefully with Charlene!

I don't really know what else to 'report'. I can say that the outpouring of prayers, love, support, help from SO MANY people blows me away. There is no possible way to thank everyone enough for all of this awesome support.

I will keep posting as I know more.

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