Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest from State Dept.

I was told to pass this case any adoptive families are reading this, but not on FB.

U.S. citizens with pending adoption cases in Haiti are requested to contact the Department of State at for information about their adoption case. In your inquiry, please include: full name and contact information of parents, full name(s) of child(ren), date(s) of birth of child(ren) [if known], and the name and contact information of orphanage. Your constituents can find additional information about adoptions in Haiti at

We are trying desperately to get Charlene home on an emergency Visa. Nathan is scheduled to fly down Jan. 21st (leave 20th, arrive 21st). He will take 5 bags of supplies and hopefully, prayerfully be able to bring Charlene home with him.

Mom and Dad and Nathan and I will be working all day today to get a Congressman or Senator can get us an appointment at the US Consulate in Haiti so Charlene can get a Visa and get out. That is her only hope.

We actually talked to Barbara last night and she couldn't stress enough what a dangerous situation the kids are in at the Village. They continue to have aftershocks which continue to leave even more cracks in the concrete buildings that are somehow still standing. The could collapse at any time. Plus, disease/illness will start to set in. To be honest, lives will be lost if these babies don't get out.

Please pray, I can't stress that enough. The State Dept. seems to be on the side of getting these kids out, I just pray we can get Charlene out week.

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