Thursday, January 14, 2010

more news

Our paperwork is currently in MOI (Ministry of Interior). After MOI, it moves to the Immigration office so Charlene can get a passport. After the passport, the paperwork moves to the Visa building where she would be issued a Visa to be able to come home.

I just learned that the MOI and Immigration buildings have collapsed. Our fears have been confirmed that our paperwork is most likely lost/buried in rubble. (The Visa bldg is ok, I believe)

I know Barbara is an excellent keeper of paperwork, so I pray that all papers can be re-created and continue on in the process.

There is only one operational gas station in PAP at this time and all grocery stores have doubled the price of their food. This is going to make for some very dangerous situations as people are desperate.

Please continue to pray for Haiti and for Charlene and for her Village and nannies.

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