Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake 1-12-10

a 7.0 earthquake hit Port-au-Prince yesterday (1/12) about 5pm. Via facebook (the only form of communication it seems) we learned that all kids/nannies at the village were okay.

1/13: Today, we've learned that all kids still seem to be okay, HOWEVER, the food depot (the building that stored all food) collapsed during the night. Also, the wall that protects the village has also collapsed. They have no food, and no diesel (for the generator). Without diesel, they may not be able to run the water filtration system. Without the wall, the women and children there are extremely vulerable.

The news reporterss say over 30 "aftershocks" have happened since the 7.0. I have a FB friend in Haiti now visiting her son and she said they had aftershocks all night with 2 'big ones' at midnight and 3am.

We are thankful that, as far as we know, Charlene and all kids/nannies are okay. We are concerened about their safety, about the food shortage and clean water. Another concern is that everyone remains healthy though this, as all hospitals have either collapsed or have significan damage.

Another concern is our paperwork. We were in the last stage before our paperwork was to be looked over by the U.S. gov't for Charlene's visa and passport. I don't know what will happen now, but will update if I know anything.

I am asking for prayers for safety for Charlene and all babies/nannies at the village. That they have enough food and clean water and that they all remain healthy. Also, for our paperwork to somehow continue on in this process. I also ask for prayers for Charlene's Mom. We knew her whereabouts before this, but I don't know now. I pray that she is okay.

I'll post updates as I know of them.


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  1. Lindsay-
    Thank-you for this update. I have been thinking of you and Charlene since I heard the news yesterday. My fb account was hacked last week and disabled (such a pain, I am still waiting to hear how to regain access) so I appreciate this post.
    Thinking of You,