Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures of Charlene's Orphanage after the Earthquake


This is where Charlene lives


This is Charlene's kitchen


One of the bedrooms--minus the wall


The new playground that a mission group put together--minus the protective wall


More playground equipment. Taylor played on these. Notice the protective wall COMPLETELY gone


The kitchen


This WAS a building, I'm assuming the food depot.


Sleeping outside...

During this terrible tragedy, what can I be thankful for?

1. God is in control--even when I don't like it or understand it-AT ALL

2. The many, many, many prayers/support from family and friends and people I don't even know.

3. Charlene is alive!!!

4. All babies/nannies are alive

5. There are 2 nurses visiting the Village during all of this

6. The Village was damaged, but not demolished.

7. If anyone is going to get anything accomplished, it's BARBARA!

8. I've had contact through Facebook to keep fairly up-to-date on information

Please continue to pray...this is just beginning. The orphanage will run out of food very soon, they need that wall rebuilt for protection, they need diesel for their generator and our babies need to COME HOME. Please pray for safety, peace and wisdom for all involved.

Thank you!


  1. I don't know what to do, I'm not computer savvy enough to know how to fix it. I got on this this morning to add more info and I couldn't see the pictures either, ugh.
    I'll try and maybe put them on shutterfly or something and get them out that way, via email. But again, that involves some technical computer stuff... :)
    I'll try.