Thursday, January 14, 2010


Barbara: she started this orphanage several years ago and still runs it. She always wears a blue dress.
"Village": The name of Charlene's orphanage is Ruuska Village, so sometimes I refer to it as the village, sometimes orphanage
"Creche": Another orphanage down the road from the Village. Mostly for toddlers.
LaWanna: She is not mentioned in these articles, but she is Charlene's nanny. She is from Indiana and has taken wonderful care of our daughter.
Lacey: A nanny who started taking care of babies a few months ago ago at the village. She is mentioned in the 2nd article.

It's 6am and I haven't heard anything. A FB friend said she was going to call Barbara last night at 5pm and post any news. That didn't happen. I'm sure communications is near impossible. We'll continue to wait for more news.

Kelli Hewitt (Lacey's Mom) posted an email from Lacey (written 1/13)..
Uffff, It is crazy here today. We didn't get any sleep last night. Now we are sending emails... the babies are still outside. Upstairs is too big of a mess but we really need to get it cleaned.. all our diesel cans were stolen.. Barbara says the LOOTING has started. Everyone's homes have collapsed, we don't have enough shelter here either. The nurses, Carol and Mandy, are busy putting stitches in kids' faces, doctoring head injuries, and burns...etc.

Please continue to pray.....

Love, Lacey

A friend posted these news articles she found. They mention our daughter's orphanage. The first one is about a nurse visiting her orphanage, who Lacey mentions in her above email.

There are still lots of adoptive families that don't know if their kids are alive or not and there are adoptive families that have learned the horrible truth that their kids did not survive this earthquake. I am so thankful that Charlene and all babies/nannies were unhurt in this tragedy! I ask for continued prayers for the families who aren't so fortunate.

I'll post more as I know more.

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