Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I thought trip #5 to the Sec. of State yesterday was the last, but I was wrong. After driving to Strafford (30miles from our home) to have a notary fix her mistake.
Trip #4 was early Tue. morning to be told the notary didn't notarize the Psych. letter properly.
Trip #5 was after the cross-country trip to another town to have the notary fix her mistake. This time the Sec. of State approved the notary.

We then tried our best to get out to the shop before the UPS man to overnight these documents to the Consulate in Chicago, but we didn't make it. We prayed we'd make it to the shop before he did, but we didn't. Taylor was disappointed God didn't answer our prayer, but He knew exactly what needed to be done. We needed to miss the UPS man.

I Talked to Jackie today, who is back from Haiti, (more on that in a minute) and she siad there can be NO mention of the kids in the Psych. letter. Well, there is. I made sure there was no mention anywhere else (except a blip in the homestudy) but I failed to make it either known and/or clear it needs to be omitted from the Psych. letter. So, once again, we have to have the Psych. letter re-done.

So, this morning, not knowing yet, the Psych. letter wasn't right, I sent it with Nathan to the shop to overnight to the Consulate in Chicago. I get the call that we can't mention the kids, call Nathan right away and he is just handing it to the UPS man, so thankfully he was able to keep itl

Luckily we chose a Psychologist who is willing to keep re-doing and keep re-notarizing these re-dos. Hopefully this is the last re-do. I think we're all getting tired of it. So, tomorrow, I will get the re-done, notarized copy and go back to the Sec. of State to have them sign off AGAIN, then we'll be ready to overnight these to the Consulate.

I pray for this all to be done in God's timing. That was made clear to me today about yesterday. So cool.


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