Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DOSSIER about to cross finish line..but not quite yet.

Each day, I I get to send off the dossier. And each day, I find a new problem. It's actually comical now. It wasn't so comical last week :)

I thought I'd be able to send it today, but learned last night that the Home Study was to go to the Consulate with the other 10 documents. Didn't know that. So, that got sent out today. Also, learned we were missing some lab tests from the doctor, so I had those faxed to Nathan at the shop. He proceeded to send those to the Consulate as well (they were supposed to come home), so now I have to call the Consulate and tell them they need to disregard our lab tests. Doc. had to fax over results again...hopefully Nathan remembers to bring them home.

Also learned that all copies I made of notary signatures had to be re-done because they had to include the Consulate stamp too.

So, Mon. night I was up until 12am and last night until 1:30am--worked 8 hours straight last night.

I've got it ready now. The Consulate authenticated home study will bypass me and go straight to Vera in California and I will get the faxed lab reports tonight, make more copies and add them to the dossier. I have one original and 6 copies. Each set has 100 pages. My poor copier. I didn't know such a cheap copier could do so well!!!! (HP F4180)

Now, Vera will look it over and if it passes her scrutiny, it will be sent to Haiti. I pray nothing needs re-done. I feel confident that I've found some good errors before this has been sent off. Hopefully I've found them all!


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