Thursday, April 9, 2009


Jack 's had a fever off and on for 3 days now. He tested negative for strep today (Taylor had it 2 weeks ago) but complains of headaches (possible symptom of strep). He has a fever again tonight with chills, so we'll continue the anitbiotics he got today and the tylenol. The doc. is sure it's nothing serious.

This afternoon, he got out a workbook (I have lots of workbooks for him, he LOVES them!) He's practicing writing his numbers and working on blends (ma, me, mo, etc). It's a preschool wkbk, but good for review. He loves practicing writing his letters and numbers. He's excited to be homeschooled next year and so am I. Both kids are so fun to teach, to learn from and have around!

I had a long talk with Vera a few nights ago (when we discovered a couple of critical mistakes in the dossier) and she mentioned that Charlene's foster Mom has an email...and she shared it with me. Of course, I immediately wrote to introduce myself. She wrote back this morning with a little update on Charlene and a little info about herself. It was so exciting.

Vera mentioned they received 5 more babies recently at the orphanage, so LaWanna (the foster Mom) probably has more than 3 babies right now which equals no time for anything but caring for the precious children! Which makes the email all the more special.

LaWanna is from Indiana, so Charlene is being exposed to a 'white' lady who speaks English, yohoo! She also said Charlene is adjusting much better now, which is so great to hear.



  1. Hi! I recently returned from visiting my boys in Haiti, and LaWanna is also their nanny. As a matter of fact, I stayed with her and Charlene (and Sophonise, another baby girl awaiting her family) and have LOTS of pictures of your beautiful baby! Please write me at miesperanza3 [at] hotmail [dot] come and I would be delighted to share them with you. She is SUCH a darling - in fact, I wrote about her (with a sweet picture) just the other day on my blog:

    God bless,

  2. Hi! Iam Alejandra, from Argentina, I have a baby adopted through barbara walker, he is home 9 months ago! I saw pictures of Charlene in Stephanie´s blog , and she is soo beautiful! congratulations!
    I am in a yahoo group for argentina families adopting in haiti, so perhaps they are going to mail you to ask for pictures of their babies!

    congrats again!