Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dossier in Haiti!

The Dossier made it to Haiti safely in 2 days, way to go Fed Ex!! It arrived last Friday, so it all it's just 12-20 more months. ugh.

Other good news, Charlene's Mom has returned from her village safely and has given Charlene's birth certificate to the orphanage, so now her paperwork can be processed along with ours. Yeah!

Next step...get approved by the US gov't to be able to adopt internationally. The paperwork is significantly less, so I'll send that off later this week or next.

For anyone who has been praying along with us, thank you for your prayers!! The Mom arriving back safely and the dossier arriving safely is a true answer to prayer!

I will continue to pray for the process and for Charlene's health and safety and all workers at the orphanage.



  1. I left you a message on a separate post with my e-mail address but just had to mention how excited I am to "meet" Charlene's mom. I look forward to telling you more in an e-mail, but suffice it to say she is one very special little girl! :)

  2. My e-mail is (in case it didn't show up in the other comment.) I have lots of pictures of Charlene from my visit to Haiti last week and can't wait to send them to you. She and my boys share the same apartment and wonderful nanny. God bless!