Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homestudy, dossier, life book, Jack

I just got an email from the adoption agency that she wants to talk on the phone next week about US CIS. I assume it's a good thing and it's to go over the process and what is all involved. I also got an email from a lady who will assist us with our dossier!

The last week I haven't heard from the agency or the social worker, so it's nice to hear we're so close to moving on to the next step. One step closer to meeting our new child!!!

We were hoping to get a rough draft of the home study by now, but are waiting on one reference letter to be turned in. Once that is turned in, then hopefully the homestudy can be completed in the next week or two. I enjoyed the homestudy process, but will be glad when it's over only so we can proceed.

All we have left to do for the homestudy is to complete several hours of adoption training within the next 6 months, which is fine because the agency requires 10 hours of training as well, so we'll kill 2 birds with one stone there. Need to get started on that though.

I went on another scrapbooking outing, only it was an all-dayer, not a long weekend. And guess what??? I found (by chance) 2 pages of adoption stickers and a page with adoption sayings on it. I was thrilled. That will probably be enough as I don't want every page of the life book to have adoption references splattered all over it, but these were really neat.

I need to get started on this child's life book, but of course, I want to read a couple of books on the best way to do it. Of course, I was going to make a scrapbook anyway, but I'm guessing there's some stuff that needs to go into a lifebook that I haven't thought of. Can't wait to learn more about that. Back to the library, I go...

Well, it's a beautiful day today and I'd like to go hiking. The problem is convincing Jack! He's having so much fun playing dinosaurs and star wars in his underwear today!


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