Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dossier, Valentine's Day

Well, we are full force in the dossier process and I have to admit, the week after homestudy paperwork was complete and the dossier paperwork began felt like a vacation!! This is exhausting work (mentally mostly), but oh so worth it. The homestudy paperwork was pretty fun...telling about ourselves, our relationship, our life, getting references and background checks. The paperwork for Haiti is a lot more extensive and very sensitive. All signatures have to be correct, all notaries have to be exact and not close to expiring. All wording on all documents has to be just so. Pressure. But, it will be okay. I've been given a list of documents I need to get and make several copies of and that's almost done.

I've been talking with Vera, the gal who actually goes to the orphanage and may be the one who will join us with our new baby! She has been excellent and very patient with me and my hundreds of questions. She thinks we'll need to travel this summer which is shocking to us. She gave us a general time-line and things seem to be moving faster than I anticipated, but it's Haiti. Things take forever there, so I'm still counting on 2 years start to finish. We are truly excited though. My guess is we'll know who our child is within the next 2-3 months, but again, just a wild guess!

We took the kids to the zoo today for Valentine's Day. It was 43 degrees with a slight wind, so we bundled up. We had a great time. Needless to say, not very many people were there, which is just how we like it! After we had walked a ways, Jack's feet were starting to hurt and he wanted to ride on Nathan's shoulders. That reminded me of our hike at Wilson's Creek last weekend. We had hiked for a bit when he said, "I'm not tired of hiking, just tired of walking" We weren't even hiking, it's walking on flat, gravel trails. It was hilarious!

At the zoo, there was a family there. There was a black girl who called her caucasian dad 'daddy'. Nathan saw that and said later that that made him so excited to get our new baby. It seemed like God reminding us of what our family is about to look like and it is truly wonderful.


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