Friday, February 20, 2009

Dossier, Jack, travel

I am sitting here making 7 copies of my newly received, certified birth certificate hoping my ink doesn't run out. One more document I can check off the list! Nathan and I have a psychologist appointment scheduled for next Thursday, so that will be good to get out of the way. I just hope the psychologist can figure out we're okay in just one session :)

Yesterday, while Taylor and I were doing school, Jack wanted to paint, so I gave him some paper and he gathered the paints and brushes. This is what he created and he calls it "The Sun". He put a star in the center because the sun is actually a star. He then changed what he wanted to be when he grows up to an artist and a daddy instead of a nurse and a daddy.
Jack is also into the human body. Bones, organs, everything. He loves reading books on any of that. We were at the book store a few weeks ago and he really wanted this model of the human brain. It comes apart so you can learn the different parts of the brain. It was $20, so I told him I would pay half since it's educational, but he's have to earn money for the rest. He cleaned and cleaned and earned money, but then spent it at Wal-mart on a Star Wars toy, so he started over and finally earned enough to go back to the store. He did, but got the 'body' instead of the 'brain'. He LOVES it. He put it all together today, organs and all. Next he wants the skeleton. Good news for me, I get more cleaning help :)
Last week while talking to Vera (gal associated with our adoption agency who travels to the orphanage frequently) said we could need to travel as soon as August. This was a shock to us and sooner than expected. Of course, that timeline could change at any time, so we'll see. Just to clarify, this is NOT to bring the child home. This is to meet with the child for the first time and meet with Haiti officials for the first time. In doing so, we save time on something else later on (visas?) I've emailed Vera to ask why that's important. We won't have a better timeline until our dossier (Haiti's required paperwork) is turned in. The dossier is what I'm working on now. My goal is to get all of this paperwork done and to the Secretary of State to sign off on it before I leave for Mexico on March 5th, but that may be stretching it. (The Secretary of State signs off that all notaries are real notaries and that they signed everything properly). From the Secretary of State, the paperwork will then be sent to be translated, then it will be sent to the Haiti Consulate in Chicago.
Anyway, I just finished making 21 copies of paperwork and it's "pert near" (as G'pa W. says) midnight, so better head to bed. Nathan has a terrible head/chest cold, so we all better stay rested.

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