Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, I just finished the individual interview and the home tour all at once! I didn't know what to expect or what questions would be asked, so I just prayed that I would speak words that I was supposed to speak and lo and went pretty good! Nathan goes in for his indiv. interview on Monday, then hopefully we'll have a rough draft of the home study by late next week or early the next week and have the completed home study done by mid-Feb. Yeah!!

School today consisted of practical living (cleaning the house!!) however, Taylor wants to do church at home tonight, tomorrow night and go to 'real' church Sunday morning. So, she and Jack have been coming up with what to talk about during home church. They had their Bibles out, discussed various Bible verses and wrote notes. Taylor wrote 3 words for Jack to read but said she wrote sentences for herself. They won't let me see their notes, so I'm excited to see what they 'preach' about.


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