Sunday, January 18, 2009


Taylor and I decided to take a field trip to see the Titanic Museum in Branson yesterday (1/17). They were also having an ice sculpure contest, so it was neat to see that again. Taylor loved that, but really loved the Titanic again (her 2nd visit, my 1st). Our unit now is on Trust in general and trust in God while learning about boats and floating. The trip to the Titanic was amazing in that they have a lot of neat artifacts, tons of fascinating information and so much to see and learn about. We were there for 2 hours and didn't even know it. She got a level 4 reader about the Titanic and read some of that during supper and again before bed. She is absolutely fascinated with the Titanic which is so neat to see! We then went to the outlet mall for about 45 minutes then decided to stay the night at the Hotel Grand Victorian! Since we didn't have plans to stay, we ran to Wal-Mart to get some essentials, including a swimsuit for Taylor, our little fish. So, off to the pool we went until about 9:45pm. Then we went back to the room and watched Brady Barr compare various salamanders from around the world, including the Hellbender from Missouri! His "taste test" (which involved licking the back of each salamader) declared the Hellbender the winner for the nastiest taste!
Today (1/18) we came home, then went to Bass Pro to get some essentials for Nathan's Mexico trip and while we were there, there was a boat show!! So, with pad of paper and pen in hand, Taylor managed to find 9 different kinds of boats. We looked at how they were different and there different uses. How great!!
What a fun, productive weekend for schooling!

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