Sunday, August 2, 2009

VALDEZ: Sat. 8/1

1. Nathan and Jack's fish.
2. N8, T and J looking at spawning fish
3. N8, T and J at Allison Point by the hatchery
4. T and J on the sciff ready for a ride.
Today, Nathan woke up bright and early for some reason, so he got the kids up and fed. He then made Taylor and I eggs. Yum! Then we all walked down to the dock to the Captain's boat and helped bring the shark cage back to the motorhome. Nathan had already taken it apart on a beach out by where they were diving, the parts just needed transported to the motorhome. The kids were great helpers.
We then got ready to run errands in town like try and return the tanks he borrowed, get another fishing pole, 2 life jackets and more gear, eat, get gas, a coffee and a block of ice (yet another suggestion from a seasoned fisherman).
Nathan's Captain said we could borrow his sciff for the weekend, so we loaded our gear for a day of fishing (even though it was already 1pm). We headed out for a river Nathan had been told about. We found it, but found it to be too shallow to get near, so we turned around. We did get to see nesting seagulls, a couple of oystercatchers (birds) and icebergs from thenearby glacier. The kids loved seeing the little icebergs. Just like with clouds, they guess what they looked like! We attempted some fishing nearby, but it just wasn't working, so we headed back towards town. The waters were so rough, it made fishing near impossible. We were going to just boat over to where the kids and I have been fishing, but Taylor said she was getting seasick, so we just went back to the dock, unloaded our gear and drove over to Allison Point.
We went to the spot where our neighbor had suggested in hopes of lots of fish and a few bears, but the waves were rough, the wind was brisk and there were no fish. So, we hopped back in the Jeep and went to our regular spot. Lo and behold, Jack landed a fish!! BUT, a guy we had just talked to said keep only the fish that have a silver color, not green or dark. This one was green, so we through her back. We could see tons of fish at the edge and they all looked inedible, so we gave up our fishing endeaver, hopped in the Jeep and drove up and down Allison Point looking foe bears, again no luck. We ate a picnic supper by the hatchery (again hoping for a bear), then headed home.

Nathan continued to clean/store his gear, I did some laundry at the laundromat (1st time! Love the RV washer/dryer) and the kids rode their bikes around the motorhome.

Needless to say, everyone is tired. One more full day in Valdez before we leave on Monday. Lots to do to prepare for a 2 week journey home and still lots to do to explore. What to do...


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