Saturday, August 1, 2009

VALDEZ: Fri. 7/31

Today was another full day! We woke up early (Jack slept with me it!), ate and headed out to go fishing. We stopped on our way to watch some bald eagles (1st 2 pics above), then went to our spot to fish. T & J fished for awhile, then ended up just playing on the boulders. They pretended certain rocks were the houses, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. It was great. No fish caught this morning.

We left and went to the pool so the kids could participate in "diving for gold" as part of the Gold Rush Days celebration. They had so much fun doing that! There were two stones that had red dots on the bottom and they earned the collector a special prize. They had two rounds of diving. Taylor collected lots of 'gold' each time (pic #3). Her swimming lessons have really paid off..she's a good diver as well as swimmer. She collected the special stones both times. Jack was even able to dive down and collect one piece of 'gold' each time (pic#4). Then they had 45 minutes of free swim!!
After showers, we went to the RV to eat lunch, then hopped on our bikes and rode over the the park for a Scavenger Hunt, again part of the Gold Rush Days celebration. Yesterday afternoon after our glorious sunshine, it turned windy and rained hard all night. The rain stopped today, but the wind remained. That bike ride was brisk, Jack didn't care for it, but we forged on. We had a list of 15 things to get. We got 13 in 26 mintues. While we were waiting for the results, we had to get ice cream from the ice cream truck. Jack was 'freezing' but had to get ice cream! Then, the kids got their picture with the King and Queen of the Valdez Gold Rush Days. They were thrilled! (pic#5)

There are 2 ice cream trucks in this town, they drive around with their kiddie songs playing. They drive by the RV about 8:30-9pm every night, the kids just love looking out the window, hoping they'll get a treat.
After the scavenger hunt, we rode over to the Whitney Museum. What a fantastic museum. We played their game where we have to fund 15 items in the museum, the kids had fun with that. We also watched a 45 minute movie about Prince William Sound. It showed glaciers, glaciers calving, avalancehs, lots of different wildlife both land and marine, birds and was a great movie. The kids really enjoyed that too.

We left there and decided to bike through town (I guess Jack forgot how cold he was) and rode through town to the dock and were going to look at the huge ghalibut that were brought in when I hear my name being called! Nathan had just pulled in!! That was the nicest surprise ever! So, the kids and I went down, greeted Nathan, then rode our bikes back to the RV so we could get the Jeep and bring it to the dock to load gear.
As I was getting the Jeep ready, our neighbor (from Austin, TX!) told me his fishing stories and how he had found a great spot that had fish and bears! I filed that info. away and the kids and I went down to the dock to help unload the boat. We brought everything back to the RV and made salmon for supper again. New recipe, a marinade and it turned out pretty good. After hearing Nathan's new stories and looking at his new pictures we all crashed and slept so soundly after a long day!

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