Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sun. 7/19: Whitecourt, Alberta - Pink Mountain, BC: 400 miles (2635.5 TOT)

We made it onto the AlCan today!! It has been good roads so far. It rained most of today and was chilly! Completely opposite of 95 and humid that we're used to.

We are at a campground now enjoying a campfire and some campers' choice music. We went for a bike ride, then Nathan went for a bike ride for a few miles on the AlCan! We are now sitting amongst a million little bugs...they are everywhere. But we're covered in bug spray and sitting next to a lit can of OFF (it doesn't help).

Our goal tomorrow will be Watson Lake (well over 400 miles), but we'll see what kind of roads we encounter tomorrow.

The kids are having fun! They play well together (for the most part) and travel extrememly well.

We got two new pics of Charlene today...bittersweet. I haven't had internet working on my Blackberry for about 2 days, but we get out here in the middle of nowhere Canada and it worked! Glad for that, so I could see pics of our girl.


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