Saturday, July 18, 2009


We are headed to Alaska (driving the RV) so Nathan can dive with Salmon sharks.

We left the night of July 14th and drove 2 1/2 hours to Peculiar, MO, just to get out of town. From there...

Wed. 7/15: Peculiar, MO - Kennebec, SD: 563 miles
Thu. 7/16: Kennebec, SD - Billings, MT: 553 miles
Fri. 7/17: Billings, MT - Shelby, MT: 421 miles (stopped at WM and a museum)
Sat. 7/18: Shelby, MT - Whitecourt, Alberta: 531 miles
(2235 miles so far)

Valdez is approx. 3600 miles, so only about 1435 miles to go...over half way there!

We haven't stopped much, we eat in the RV and keep driving. Kids are doing AWESOME. They play most of the time and only watch a cartoon in the afternoons.

I'll post more as internet allows. Getting up into remote territory tomorrow and beyond...


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