Monday, March 30, 2009


This may be a bit premature and I still wonder if I should post, but I am going ahead so I can ask for continued prayer.

We got a 'referral' last week which means, they have found a child for us. It is a baby girl, her name is Charlene and she will be 4 mo. old on April 4th.

She appears very healthy and seems to be doing well in the orphanage, but it is an orphanage. It is a well run, well staffed orphanage (from what I'm told) but still.....

I ask for continued prayer for her, that she remain to be healthy.

I ask for prayer for the staff at the orphanage who take care of her to give her as much love and attention as they possibly can. That they are able to meet her needs in a timely manner.

And we needs lots of prayer for the paperwork, for the gov'ts to move this along quickly, or at least as quickly as they can. I suspect this will take upwards of 18 months, which is so heartbreaking for us. But, it's all in how fast the gov't moves the paperwork along.

And since I'm asking :), I'd like to ask for prayer for us...for patience and understanding. Now that there's a face for this mound of paperwork, it's hard to be here and she be there.

Anyway, thank you for sharing in our good news. And I am constantly reminded that anything can change with an international adoption, so we are praying that this all goes well and the gov't cooperates.


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