Monday, March 23, 2009


The DOSSIER is a bunch of papers that Haiti needs such as passport photos, copies of our passports, Drivers Licences, social security cards, birth certificates, and marriage certificate. Letters from the bank, the employer, the police, the doctor and a psychologist as well as several reference letters. And of course there all kinds of legal documents and documents for the child. So, with that in mind....the dossier is finally complete.

What took the longest was waiting for Nathan's social security card...that was about a month, but we got it on Wed. and had the last of the dossier documents notarized on Saturday. Our homestudy and a 18 pages of the dossier are now in translation. They will be translated into French because that's the language in Haiti. The language is actually Haitian Creole, but it's a form of French.

I will go today to the Secretary of State's office here in Springfield and have all of the notary signatures notarized by them.

After translation, which should be complete April 1st, those translated documents will go the Haiti Consulate in Chicago to have their seal of approval, then all documents go to Haiti. Yeah!

That is all I can write for now, I'll write more later. I"m glad this phase of paperwork is complete.

I just continue to pray for the paperwork and that everything goes smoothly. I pray for all documents to be complete with nothing missing or wrong. Such problems could cause unnecessary delays.


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  1. Hooray! I will pray for patience and peace for you as you wait. Sandra