Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation--Kansas through Colorado to Wyoming

Thursday June 21, 2012
We had a great driving day today.  The winds died down a lot this morning and we were able to cover quite a few miles.  The wind picked up again going through Colorado and now into Wyoming, but not near as strong as Kansas.

We started off our morning by eating a pancake breakfast at the KOA in WaKeeney, KS and observing the Meadowlarks.  We headed out about 10am made it all the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming with a brief stop for lunch in the motorhome.  Along the way, Taylor and Jack were goofing off and Taylor's pinky finger got sprained in the process.  So far it is swollen, purple and very sore.  Hopefully time will heal that okay.  Jack's hives seem to be improving--at least the swelling in his face has gone down.  He still has the rash on his legs and seems to be itching more.  I did load up on Calamine lotion before we left and he takes Benedryl daily.  Hopefully he will overcome this soon!  Nathan's wasp sting from Sunday has completely healed.  That was a painful experience and his poor ear swelled up good, but the swelling has subsided and the itching has ceased.  Charline is doing okay.  She seems to have a hard time adjusting to vacation mode, but we're working with her to help regulate and enjoy our time together.  We've found that keeping her strapped in the entire time we're driving seems to be the best.  She operates best when she doesn't have too much freedom :)  She enjoys coloring, playing Legos with Jack and playing with her horses at the table.

The kids are dressed for the pool before we are completely hooked up now!  So, we all headed to the pool for a swim.  Charline always gets so cold but still perseveres as long as she can because she just loves to swim.  We then came back to the motorhome, ate tacos, then went to the KOA's home-made putt-putt.  The kids didn't really keep score, but Nathan and I did!  I had it in the bag, but the last hole....he beat me by 2 points!  Then, we played horseshoes.  Can't say I've ever played horseshoes before.  We modified the rules (there was a board that stated the actual rules).  All 5 of us got a turn and we were all so bad we changed it to where whoever got the closest to the post got a point.  I actually won that, but it was close.  Nathan was a close 2nd and Jack was 3rd.  Once Charline went to bed,  T, J, N8 and I played a dice game called Wolf.  We played 4 rounds and Jack won 3 of the rounds!  There was one round where Nathan and Taylor didn't get any points.  It was hilarious.

We sure are enjoying the scenery, the changing landscape, the different birds, the brief view of the Rocky Mountains today albeit off in the distance obscured by smoke.  Jack and Charline thought it was pretty neat to see snow (or as Charline calls it, snowman).

 We noticed our bag of Lays chips had really swollen as we climbed in elevation.  It finally popped somewhere in northern Colorado.  That was fun for the kids to observe!

Tomorrow, we are headed for some hot springs NW of here and we are super excited.  We thoroughly enjoyed the hot springs in the Yukon, so we're anxious to see how these compare.

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