Thursday, June 17, 2010

So much to write, so little time. I see I haven't posted for almost 3 months. We've all been adjusting very well. Charline continues to sleep well at night, eat good during the day and is growing like a weed!!

She had her 18mo. check-up at the doctor yesterday and she is actually ON the charts now--pretty close to 'normal' ranges!! She is over 22lb (gained 8lb since coming home) and has grown 3" since coming home also.

I should be better about writing more down in a journal or on the calendar, but it is so hard so I'll have to generalize. She has gotten SEVERAL new teeth in the last few weeks. She has already had her first haircut. She has been to the lake and lakehouse and had a blast. Although...she didn't like the lake water. She went to the beach/ocean 2times with me in Haiti (more times with her nannies) and loved it. She loves bath time and her little pool at home, but had an issue with the lake. :)

She has been to Silver Dollar City (huge amusement park) and LOVED the kiddie rides! We had to ride several times and she just squealed with delight.

We have all camped in the motorhome in Branson and in Springfield (I'll explain later) and figured out how to make that work.

I have taken her to a tea room, just her and me. It was fun! She has chased our chickens and duck. She loves the sandbox, although I need to watch her because she likes to eat the sand :) She still loves to be outside, especially without shoes on. Clothes are optional for her too :)

Not to leave out the older two...
Taylor has had her formal dance recital and it was beautiful! She had to learn her dance as well as another dance because she was asked to be the helper for a younger class. She did fantastic. She also had her formal piano recital. Again, she did fantastic. Her piano teacher has 39 students and she was one of 5 picked for an honor group to play for the 30minutes prior to the recital starting. She is a phenomenal piano player. She especially likes to record her playings on the piano and either sing along to her own accompaniment or choreograph ballet dances to go with her music.

Jack has gone rock climbing a couple of times and loves it. He's definitely our monkey boy, so rock climbing is right up his alley! He also has started tee ball this spring. We've enjoyed going to his games, but he's totally bored. Not enough action :)

6 weeks ago we started a minor remodel. They did some of what they had planned, got stuck on other projects, added new pantry cabinets, added a bigger deck and ended up doing really shoddy work on the inside. (Very long story shortened!!!) Part of the re-do was to completely re-finish the wood floor also. The contractor tried-2 times and he still didn't get it right----which is why we moved out for 10 days to a campground 5 minutes from our house, to let the floors get done. We enjoyed the pool while at the campground at least. We now have to have various other professionals (dry wall, paint, trim, etc) come in and fix all of our contractors mistakes, so after 6 weeks, our house is still a mess. Very stressful.

Anyway, that's been our busy life for the past 3 months in a nutshell. I'll try and post more regularly, but it seems so hard to find the time! By 8pm (when all kids SHOULD be in bed), I'm completely exhausted. Hopefully this summer will slow down at some point, so I can just relax and have some fun.



  1. I was so excited to see you had posted an update! What a busy life you lead. I hope the house gets back to normal soon! Wow, 8 lbs in 5 months for Charline ... I would love to see pictures. I am sure she is just beautiful. God bless.

  2. Pictures, I know. I've taken a lot (and videos), but just haven't gotten them on my computer, let alone FB. I tried posting pics here once and nobody could see them. If I knew how to run a page better than this simple one, i'd gladly put more on here :) I don't see how you are able to keep up with everything, you have more kids than I do! I sure enjoy seeing your updates, pics and videos.

  3. Hi Lindsey, SO glad to hear Charline is growing "like a weed". I have drastically scaled back on computer time but still check email and a few blogs once a week. Life is busy for us as well. OUr two older boys are in soccer and love it. It's great because they are running the entire practice/game. Maybe try your guy in that next year. Very fun to watch.
    Mia is doing great, already riding a bike without training wheels. She is so determined to do everything her brothers do.
    Anyway, jsut wanted to say hi. :)

  4. So glad you found me, the mom to Kenwechtley the Cookie Monster, now our Kiefer! :-) We homeschool, too. Charline is PRECIOUS!!!
    ~Lorraine from All Are Precious In His Sight