Thursday, September 10, 2009

New School Year

Well, we started school last week, a week earlier than planned and good thing! Last week I had planned on easing into our routine, focusing on some skills I wanted mastered in the next few weeks, getting back into the grind of schoolwork. Long story was one of the worst weeks ever!!! Taylor fought me tooth and nail on just about everything. She threw tantrums like a little child when she didn't want to do something. It was absolutely awful! We even took a field trip to Branson to see the Moscow Circus (which was fanstastic!), threw a fit in Branson over a grilled cheese

After one of her fits, I sent her to her room b/c I needed a break. We had a discussion and attempted to finish our day. The next day, I realized sending her to her room wasn't the answer, so for her next fit, she got put to work--vacuuming. Tthen she had to get back to what she was doing. That worked a little better.

Good news: This week has been 100 times better! Today is Thursday, we've done school for 3 days this week and she has done beautifully. She dilligently works most of the time, she gets up on her own with her own alarm clock and gets her day going w/o me hounding. Yeah!!!


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